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Glipizide Sulfonamide

CAS No. 33288-71-0
Chemical Name 4-[2-(5-Methylpyrazine-2-Carboxamido)Ethyl]-Benzene sulfonamide
Molecular Formula C14H16N4O3S
Molecular Weight 320.368
End Use Intermediate for the following drug :-
Glipizide (CAS No 29094-61-9)
Therapeutic Cat. Of This Drug :- Antidiabetic

Product Specifications

Description White to yellowish browm powder
Solubility 5% w/w in Dimethyl Formamide - Clear solution
Melting Range 2300C – 2400C
LOD NMT 0.5 % w/w
TLC Single Spot
Assay By UV spectrometer NLT 98.0% on Dried Basis
Assay By HPLC optional only before dispatch
to USV Ltd.

NLT 98.0% w/w/ on Dried Basis